Draft Simulator for FUT 18 App Comentários

It’s a good app

I come I can’t get the path to glory packs


A very entertaining game i would give this a five star rating but do to the fact I have packed multiple totw players and never received them as well as not getting my sbc Harry Kane I will give it 3 stars

Love It, however

maybe consider adding in some sounds? love how you added the opening animation. would very much like sounds.

Great app but a few faults in it

I get the same 7 silver goalies every time i open a silver pack which is annoying but the app is very addicting otherwise and great fun to play

Fix the glitches!!

So I like the game and everything but now more then ever I’ve been getting lots of glitches. There are glitches like no face for some player cards, no faces or countries for the coaches during the draft, no picture of the cards when buying some, and also during the tournament section of the draft the team badges don’t show up. please fix!!!!!


Easy way to make fun drafts, wish you could skip pack openings though!

I love it but needs a faster way to quick sell cards

I absolutely love this game, but I hate it when I go to quick sell all my silver and non rare gold cards and have to individually tap on 300 cards or more!! Maybe a quick sell all button or some other way to make it quicker.

Freezing during pack openings

Title is self explanatory but it’s getting annoying other than that game is great

Love it

I love this app, recommend to anybody fan of soccer and fifa. It has helped me a a lot with Fifa 18 and fut draft. I would add an option to quick sell duplicate players to earn coins to open packs, as it would be very nice

Great app but needs a little improvement!

It’ll be great if you could add the option to sort the card from high to low and low to high. It’s annoying trying to figure where each card is, other than that it’s an amazing app

Everything I wanted

The game has an amazing draft mode and all but it could use some improvements. No actual gameplay but the drafting is fun

Good game but needs work

i just updated the most recent update (11/11/17) and did the player update, then i went to open the daily pack and i go to the sbc’s and i see i have 10 cards???? yes i literally have 10 cards i lost all of my cards i had like 200+ i spent so much time opening packs playing drafts and i lost them all??? what a waste

This App is best and beast

i super 3x love this game

Some Issues

I love this app, don’t get me wrong. Overall the app is great the way you open packs and can see which players are new is great. The draft is great as well. However i’ve been having issues were if I got a really good player in a pack that wasn’t a normal card ( like an inform or a pro player which are the 99 rated ones) it wouldn’t save into my collection. All the other cards would though but not the good ones . I have gotten multiple good player like Inform 92 Lewandowski and Inform 94 Striker Messi and I also have got a 99. Pro Alli but none of them saved to my collection. Please Help



Good app

I really like this app but I have 2 big problems with it. The first is a massive one which is to due with the chemistry of the players when building drafts or squads. They default to 8 or 9 with links that should give them ten chemistry. My second piece of advice is adding in an auction market where user can buy and sell specific players

Great app but some issues

Great app but has some small bugs. Great for killing time but my main issue is the app stops background music from playing.

Great App!

This app is fantastic however when i completed the SBC for Quaresma, i got the coins but i never got him in my cards, along with Kane POTM. Chemistry is also messed up and needs to be fixed. Other than the SBCs the game is great.


Messi is better than Ronaldo. Messi deserves 94 Ronaldo 93. That's the only problem. Overall great game.

Very fun game!

I enjoyed it no problems with the game great job!

SBC is harder than usual and has a problem.

SBC has icons Overmars and Piero which are extremely hard to get. Piero needs players for an Australian league, and there’s really not that many... so it’s hard to get him. Overmars needs a player from Willhelm II, which does not exist in the game. I’ve tried looking in all the leagues and at all the players but to no avail. I would be able to get him otherwise, but is just not possible. I also opened a pack and got the 94 ST Messi and I never got it in my club. The game is very fun but I’ve packed my favorite Messi card and 3 scream cards and have not received any of them


Even if I have wifi if I try to do something that needs wifi it says no network


I love this app but I just wanted to suggest something. I think it would be cool to see some sort of a transfer market so we can buy people’s collected cards. Thanks and keep up the good work!!!

Great App!

20 minutes into the game & I love it !

Love the game, but needs work!

This is a fantastic way to get people to be creative with FIFA, giving them ways to improve on making Hybrid teams and just getting to know soccer more. There is a downfall though... we need our cards!! There’s nothing more frustrating than packing a special card and not receiving it in your club! Now it’s not always the case but it happens. For example, I just packed a 84 rated inform Gabriel Jesus. I went to check my club and it just wasn’t there! I want to have the best cards for creating teams and doing the SBC’s. Please fix this issue. And if the makers of this app read this review, please give me all the cards I was supposed to receive. Thank you!

I love this...but

I love this app. My friends and I play it at school all of the time. However, there are a few problems I would like to address. 1. Sometimes, whenever you get a good player out of a pack (in my case it was the SBC Quaresma) it doesn’t show up in your cards or your collections. However, I also got a hero Waston in that pack and it showed up in my collections.The same thing happened with my Halloween Cuadrado and Inform Alexis Sanchez. 2. I complete almost all SBCs and I have completed Rui Costa, Overmars, and Kane. The thing is, Costa and Overmars appeared in my cards, but Kane didn’t. 3. I realized that if you have a normal card, let’s say Messi, and you get hero Messi, you won’t see the hero Messi and you’ll only see the regular Messi with one extra. This bothers me because I want to show off to my friends. All in all, it’s a good app with a few pack problems that need to be fixed.

I lost all my players

I was going to make a new squad and i find that all my cards, informs and eveything are gone but my premade squads are still there but i lost almost everything and i dont know why!!!

Great app, but is a work in progress

This app is really fun, and a great idea. However, there could be a few things added to make the app even better! Although complex, a transfer market in the game would make the app that much better. Also there should be position changes and other sorts of things like that. You should also be able to play against people with your draft/ squad. Also more teams/players need to be added. I want to complete one of the icon sbcs, however one of the requirements is a player from Willem II. There are no players in this app from Willem II so the sbc is impossible.

Really cool app but

I’m in love with it! But i honestly would be more motivated to play if I could keep the players I packed. Idk if it’s a bug the app itself has or if it’s just me but my players get deleted after 1 day.

Cards disappearing

When ever I go on the game from not playing it is a hour all my cards at gone. It’s very annoying, but I like the game other wise just please get this fixed.

Good game but

I love this app, but I think yo should work on adding manager leagues and maybe add an online league you can make

Amazing game, but…

Where is the Hyundai A Ligue? I’m trying to do the Alessandro Del Piero Challenge and I can’t do the final because I can’t find the Hyundai A Ligue, then I can’t find Sydney FC for the final challenge

Dont get totw players

Totw players that i got in packs dont show up in my club making it extremely hard to complete sbc


The app is amazing I’ve spent countless hours on it but the only problem I have with it is once you get a card that’s standard with no informs or anything like that you can’t get any other variant of it


I don’t understand how we are suppose to do the eredivisie SBC when there aren’t any Willem II players...

Nice game

This is cool game

SBC Malfunction

The SBC Harry Kane will not let me collect him even thought I completed all three.

For fifa 18 mobile

Plzzz make it ultimate team if i dont have play station i cant play ultimate team and for the fifa fut draft simulator no problem but why we cant play matchs with our card


Is it even possible to win a draft on this game? I built a 188 draft, and I lost on the 1st game. But that is not a thing that happened once, but many many times I lose on the 1st game even if I have a good team You guys should premium packs to be bought on the store, like FUT Draft 17


Why can’t we listen to music and draft ? Fix this bruh 😤

What I recommend

I thing instead of simulating tournaments why don’t play them ? And also put some music :D But is a great game :>


Needs something to do with the cards you earn

Could be better

My biggest issue with this game is not even the game it self it’s the crazy amount of ads

Claim sbc items and inform claiming

I finished the rui costa and Harry Kane sbc but I can’t claim them and I got inform Isco and Adan lots of very good inform I press claim then I can’t find them in my club

So Much Fun!

The updates keep making this app better and better. It’s a good app to use when you need some time to kill and it’s really fun too! Great app, would give it 6 stars if I could

Love it

Definitely a 5 star

Is fun

Real fun

Fix it plzzz

I enjoy this app a lot, but can u fix this bug or something when I open a TOTW pack and get new totw players non duplicates they don’t show on my cards and it’s really annoying

Great app

I've spent way too much time than I should have on this app

Duplicate cards

I think you should do something about the duplicates. For example you can add an option to sell them to earn coins the higher the rating the more coins you get. Also you can do like some-kind of your own lineup to compete against players/ friends kinda like ultimate team but instead of playin, you simulate it. But overall the app is really good thanks

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